How to get more customers for my business

Who doesn’t want more customers for his business?

Here are the tricks that you must understand, to increase the numbers of customers and increase your business revenue! Most of the business owner just know how to target the right customers but there are hidden potential customers. One of the mistake i see entrepreneur and business owner make all the time is ONLY Sell to the very top of the buyers pyramid.


Here is it how it look like;
The buyer pyramid - get more customers


It’s very simple concept that most business owner doing and they don’t event know, they are doing this. The 3% people is interested and ready to buy customers. Most of the business owner, seller, entrepreneur only talking to the 3%, even if they talk to the rest, they feel it not targeted or not even respond at all. As a business owner,  maybe you ignore them! Because they never ask, they never mention about their need, so you ignore or missing out the focus on them.


The another 6-7% of ideal clients

6-7% ideal clients

6-7% ideal clients you can have.


The another 6-7% of clients is your ideal clients they are capable of buying, they are interested. They just maybe need your help to answer their questions, they are kind like on the fence. However, some of the business owner do try to talk to them, this is how you can get more customers and sales come to your company. The conversion effected by your closing skills and issues handling skills.


The 3rd Level of 30% Customers

They are able to be convince persuaded, maybe they do even know your solution is exist, what kind of help you can provide to them. I need it, but maybe is not now, i could consider. This is how their behaviour


The 4th Level of 30% People

They don’t think they need your services right now, or they don’t even know why they need it right now!


The Final 5th Level of People

They don’t know you, they are no way to buy from you. They don’t even need your services! No matter how you promote your product or services to them, they don’t like you, don’t trust you, or they not even need it. Don’t waste your time to promote to them, as they are not your targeted clients at all.

I wanted to lose some of the fat for various reasons (one of which, of course, was vanity, because I’m only human), but I was scared I’d lose my muscle too. Anyone who has actively tried to get stronger and achieve those elusive #gains will tell you that putting on muscle is a slow process, especially for women.

But Worthington told me it was totally doable, provided I didn’t drop my calories too low and that I trained wisely.



Real Example; (We Are Selling Real Estate)

3% Of Market Place 

Most of the time, there are 3% of people who looking to your services, and they are ready to make a purchase. They are moving from one place to another place, the are looking to buy a house.

6%-7% of people 

They are looking for houses or maybe they are checking out, they may consider. They don’t rushing to move or buy a house right now, but they are considering to make a move or purchase on the coming 3-6 months. (Example)

Top 30% of people

If someone make a good offer, they might be consider to take. It probably in a good condition or offer to make them grab your offer.

2nd Level 30% of People 

We are ok on current stage, my house is nice and i will not be consider to move or change to new house in 5-10 years time. They not thinking of buying a house or maybe they will change their mind after long period of time. THIS IS OUT OF YOUR TARGET MARKET.


How your marketing messages should be?

Your marketing messages should be focus on who you talking to! If you only make sale or serving on the 3% of your customers, you are leaving a big chunk of the market place. You are only talking to the first 3% of the clients. Which is nice, but that only very small percentages of the market place.

What can you do to capture the most market share?

We must not only focus on the top 3% to 5%, but we need to find the ways to talk to the rest of 60% at lease. What you have to do is giving some ideas and tips to what you are currently doing. This is how you should differentiate messages on marketing.


You may need some help on this marketing strategies and channel to reach them. Let talk about this, we will share you our ideas to help you on your business. Cheer ?