When we looking for something, we definitely will search on Google, Bing and etc. That’s why it is important to practice SEO on your website. You want your customers to find you first instead of your competitors. Hence, your website must be able to place it higher in search results. Today I will share 5 useful tips on SEO that you should know. Let’s get started.

5 Most Important SEO Tips You Should Know

1. Talk like a human in your contents, Put Search Engine in Second

Are you still using the old method of SEO where the keywords meant to drive search results more than focus on the engagement and provide valuable content to their audience?

If that’s you, then you have to change your mindset toward SEO Today!

Instead of focusing on keywords in your page or articles, you should focus more on how people engage with a particular brand, product, and service. When you put users first with writing helpful content, you will get rewarded by the search engine, because the search engines follow users. At the same time, you are enhancing the user experience and also building trust with your customers.

2. Make your URL readable and meaningful

When users start to search for what they are looking for, they read the title and also the URL to identify whether this site is relevant to them or not. If the users are not able to understand your URL, search engines may also be confused as well. Search spiders are still programs, not a human. You should need to guide them accordingly so they only come to crawl and index your site.

Remember, as Neil Patel said that search engines follow search users. If your URL is complex and difficult to understand, users might think it is not relevant to them or scam. Create your URL that describes what is the content and how it can help visitors to achieve what they want.

3. Create Unique and Relevant meta descriptions for every page

One of the most important in SEO that most people fail to do so is the well-crafted meta description.

What is a meta description?

meta description is the snippet information below the link of search results when the visitor makes a search in search engine. It provides summaries of the contents on the page to the searcher. The purpose is to convince the user to click through your websites. Any relevant keywords that match the search term are bolded in the description.

Generally, the search engine will prefer original content. When you cite a paragraph or sentence from another site (and link back to the source) is important in writing your contents. Otherwise, you will get penalized by Google due to publishing duplicated content. It also same goes to meta descriptions that should not be duplicated from other sources.

You also can’t have the same meta description exactly on the pages. You should make your meta descriptions more stand out and communicate that fact. If you’re using WordPress, I recommend that install the All-in-One-SEO or Yoast plugins inside your website to write a better meta description.

4. Create a unique content consistently

Unique content is one of the factors for Google that will affect the freshness score and the search engine rankings on those specific pages. According to the Moz, the page’s overall freshness score is affected by the percentage of content within pages that still remain fresh. Update your content consistently every month to remain fresh and also able to drive more traffic to your website. TELL your visitor about your experience and knowledge in your blog sharing.

5. Web Analytics – Track & Monitor your Website

After you optimise all the contents, you need software to track and monitor what’s working and what’s not. Google AnalyticsGoogle Search Console and other private web analytics can help you to track your website and generate reports for you to do more optimisation on enhancements. You should install your web analytics in place before your first visitor come into your site or landing page.



SEO is not only about search engines but having good SEO practices is important to improve the user experience and usability of the website. Remember, Write your content like a human and engage with your visitor. Let your customers find you easily with a meaningful URL. Always check your meta title and descriptions and make sure it is relevant to your website.

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Cheers! 🙂