The reason you should start Facebook Advertising Malaysia

With over 9 million people using facebook in the Malaysia, you should leverage it to gain exposure and purchase for your product and business.


Facebook Advertising offers different type of targeting audience

Facebook offers a targeted audience for many different types of businesses/owner/business. On Facebook. you can target audience by Location, Age Group, Birthday, Education, Workplace Keywords, Sex, Interested In and Languages. You can checkout the image below for reference.

Facebook Advertising Malaysia is by far the cheapest online advertising

Benefit of Facebook advertising Malaysia is that it is one of the cheapest forms of advertising. You can literally spend RM5 and reach 1,000 people. Compare to radio ads, television commercials, billboards, and other traditional media to reach the same audience, you need 10x – 30x more budget.

Facebook advertising drive direct website traffic/purchase

Facebook advertising not only boost for more awareness. You can run a website click campaign to target your audience and send them to your website. While you can increase your website traffic through multiple sources, the precision and cost-effectiveness of Facebook advertising makes it more beneficial than other sources. At the same time, if you are offering online purchase (Like eCommerce, your visitors may end up direct purchase).

Invest in Facebook Advertising Malaysia

This is a great opportunity if you are providing awesome services and wish to reach out more new customers.

Malaysia Facebook Advertising still consider low cost compare to other country. (Which Mean is a good opportunity)

Refer to: Facebook Ads Low Cost Country List

Facebook advertising can lower your cost per acquisition

If you can get Lower Facebook advertising cost, it will likely decrease your acquisition costs. You can cut out some of the other expensive advertising campaigns you are invested in. Here is the simple calculation.

Facebook Advertising Malaysia - Acquisition cost

Acquisition cost,


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