Why You Need Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

Multi channel Marketing mean you are marketing your products or services through different types of channel, for example, Direct Calling Approach, Friend Referral, Facebook advertising, Google advertising, Direct Traffic, Google SEO, Email Marketing and etc. When all this combines, it consider a multi channel marketing.

Why You Should Have Multiple Channel Instate of One Channel That Can Give Sales?

Here is the idea, do you buy a product from a stranger or a person you are familiar with? Most of the people will bought from they person they know.  Before, your customers/clients know your brand, you need to educate them or at least leave some imagine to your brand or your products.

How multiple channel marketing can help your business?

  1. Avoid missing out potential customers.

The more marketing channel you are using, the more chances you are able to reach your customers. Spend more time to expand your marketing channel to ensure you don’t miss your potential customers.

  1. Multiple channels able to reach your customer more often.

Sales are built from trust, especially high price goods/products and services. Multiple channels give you more opportunity to reach your audience and more often.

  1. You are there for your customers when they need your products.

Some customer may not like direct approach, they feel unsafe and unsecure to deal with you, they are rather to have a look at your products through your blog or newsletter. Further later purchase products from your website.

  1. Multiple types of marketing channel but it function differently;

From my experience, different types of marketing channel have their pros and cons.

Social Media; it not the best for conversion or sales for a traditional business. But, it the best way to gain more attention to your products or services.

Landing Page; when it comes to products explanation and feature, product landing page is the best to make your audience understand what services you provide. Your client may feel boring if the products are not what they want.

Advertisement is not what audience want if they are trying to find some information or relaxing time. For the right moment, your advertisement appears may bring conversion/sales for your business. Therefore, Targeting ads are very important.

How Sale Happen Easily?

Customers Interest  + Your products interest = Sales/Conversions

Some Litter Suggestion On Marketing Channels;

  1. Make it simple
  2. Make it special compared to your competitor
  3. Keep it real
  4. Keep making interest to your audience

How to Multiple Channel Marketing Helps Your Business

Reach more audience with your customers most confort channel. Keep on repurpose your content, it make not make sense with example A, however it may make super meaningful with example B.  Try out more, and you will find your best targeting and marketing channel.

How many hits on averages for a customer to buy your products?

On average of 7 to 9 times approach, when a customers is ready and make a conclusion to buy a products or services. Therefore consistent marketing with multiple channel is a “Winner” in the game.

How you know which marketing channel works?

You may need some monitoring, tracking, managing and updating strategies to maintain the correct amount of marketing effort for your business.

I would like to share whatever I have learn throughout my online marketing journey! Feel free to ask me, and I am willing to share what I have.